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AKIAVEL Gets Murderous In New Single "Lady Of Death"

Off their recent album Væ Victis.

Akiavel recently released their new album Væ Victis, and is now streaming the bloody, fiery music video for "Lady Of Death". The video was directed by Mr. Cana Production and features guest vocalist Mimi Jeanne.

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"'Lady of Death' is a song about Aileen Wuornos. I absolutely wanted to put her on our album because I find her fascinating. I have studied her story a lot, I have a lot of compassion for her despite the fact that she has murdered people. That's why the text isn't very violent or bloody, it's more based on how she feels. She had a lot of suffering in her.

"For the video clip we got closer to her psychological state. That's why we chose the actress who clearly embodied her conscience and the struggle within her."

Stream and purchase Væ Victis here.

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Music Videos

The video focuses on early-1900s Estonian serial killers Ivanova and Olga Tamarin.