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43 Minute Air-Drumming Workout with ANDREW W.K. Set To NAPALM DEATH Is What You Need!

Get your weighted gloves out, kids.

Do you hate working out? Do you just want to air drum all day? Well then Andrew W.K. has the perfect workout routine for you! Watch as the madman himself air drums through all 43 minutes of Napalm Death's 1990 album Harmony Corruption.

Andrew W.K. plays air-drums along to the ENTIRE Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption" album. For added intensity, Andrew is wearing 2.5 pound weighted gloves on each hand. (NOTE: Severe drum fill errors and other mistakes are marked with an "X".)

Speaking of Napalm Death, they've got a new album coming out soon. In case you needed a new workout.

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