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Photo by Dmitry Valberg.

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1349 + NUCLEAR + HELLMAN Drop Savage Cover of CELTIC FROST's "The Usurper"

1349 bassist Seidemann and guitarist Archaon have collaborated with members of Nuclear and Hellman to do an awesome cover of Celtic Frost’s “Usurper.” Serving as not only a tribute to the band, but a way to bring everyone together across the world, the cover is both hard hitting and totally fitting.

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1349 bassist Seideman comments, “This version of the Celtic Frost classic doubles as a tribute to the legends themselves as well as a tribute to friendship and brotherhood. Metal music brings people from all over the world together and this combination of Nuclear and 1349 is no exception.”

Punto of Nuclear adds: "We're very pleased to pay tribute to one of the most influential acts in extreme metal history. This idea started as a simple chat in backstage when both bands were touring together in Europe. After that everything went black in pandemic and we put the things rolling to record the song and film this video. It was a real honour for us work alongside such talented musicians and cool guys.”

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