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Verbal Diarrhea

EMMURE's Frankie Palmeri Is Upset About…I'm Not Quite Sure What!

Emmure's Frankie Palmeri has carved quite the reputation for himself. When bands aren't drawing dicks over his graffitti, or when he's not sending tweets to Fred Durst, or us telling us we're the wind beneath his wings [faggot], he decides to lash out at other vocalists.

ThePRP has caught wind of Palmeri's latest Twitter rant where he opines:

“I’m sick and tired of watching dudes,step on stage scream about shit they don’t feel. You’re on tour CHEATING on your BABY MOMMA. Y u mad? Niggas have riches and parents who are doctors and shit. You are NOT real. Your words mean NOTHING. Shit is not a joke. You married? What you screaming for? Go love the bitch you convinced to suck your dick for the rest of her life. Poser.

If you have somehow convinced someone to sit around and wait for your dick then you have no human reason to be angry. You’re a time vampire. So many are playing the game but act like their genuine. You’re a bishop crossing the board. I’m a straight forward rook. Diagonal ass nigga

Yup I respect your hustle. But I do not respect your art. You pray on the pennies of children who are obsessed with image.”

Ok, what!? I'm trying to understand this. I guess maybe he's saying vocalists shouldn't sing about love when they cheat on their wives? Also, those same cheaters have rich parents while Frankie is from the hard streets of Queens.

Is he also saying that if you're married you shouldn't be in a band? Also, does he assume that once one gets married, their "bitch" is entitled to fellatio all of their lives?

"Diagonal ass nigga" is my new favorite insult for anybody who is being, I'm assuming, fishy and not "straight" like a rook. So thanks for that Frankie!

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