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Mustaine Mania

Don't Make Fun of DAVE MUSTAINE's Friends! He Will Break Your Ankle

Today is like Christmas! Why? Dave Mustaine's book came out yesterday. How have you not rushed to your bookstore to pick up a copy? Noisecreep posted an excerpt from the book, and if this won't convince you, I don't know what will. Here is a little tale of Mustaine standing up for his little Danish friend:

"There was, for example, the time we were all at a party, and in walked the guys from a band known as Armored Saint. As sometimes happens in these situations, harmless verbal jousting gave way to nasty, personal insults, paving the way for a physical confrontation. They targeted Lars, probably because he was the smallest. I don't remember exactly how it began; I do remember jumping off my chair and telling them to leave my friend alone. They laughed at me, much as they had been laughing at Lars, which was not a good idea. Lars may not have been a fighter, but I was. I had training and expertise. More important, I didn't give a shit.

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"As the guys from Armored Saint dog-piled on top of Lars, I ran across the room and applied a side kick to the first person in my path. His name was Phil Sandoval, and he was the band's lead guitarist. The first thing I heard was a loud crack! Like the sound of a branch snapping in half. And then the sound of someone wailing as Phil fell to the floor and grabbed his lower leg.

"I'd broken his ankle."

Dave Mustaine is a dangerous weapon. Don't mess with him. I wonder if he was trained by his friends in the FBI and CIA.

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