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ZAO Is Planning An EP For This Year, Likely Another Album In 2018

Posted by on July 26, 2017 at 1:47 pm

Back in 2015, Zao broke its nearly six year silence since its 2009 album Awake? with an EP called Xenophobe. The title track also made it onto 2016's The Well-Intentioned Virus, which was very well-received by the metal community.

Now in an interview with No Clean Singing, guitarist and vocalist Scott Mellinger says there's a new EP on the way, meaning no more long waits. Mellinger also says he really hopes there won't be more than one year between released from now on, which is exciting!

"We’re actually already gearing up for the next full-length, and will be releasing an EP in the near future as well. There should never be more than a year or so between full-lengths. We’ll keep releasing them as long as we’re excited about the material!"

If you didn't check out The Well-Intentioned Virus, do so below.

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