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ZAKK WYLDE's ZAKK SABBATH To Release Re-Record Version of BLACK SABBATH's Debut Album

While this is a touching tribute to one of the greatest releases of all time, is it really necessary?

The award for best Black Sabbath cover band, without question, goes to Zakk Sabbath – fronted by Ozzy's guitarist, Zakk Wylde. I've seen the band a few times and they always deliver. They remind me why Tony Iommi is the godfather of heavy metal. But, that's in a live setting.

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Today, Zakk revealed that the band will release a cover album of the original Black Sabbath album and promise it was "faithfully re-recorded." It will be released 50 years to the day of the original. Here's the pitch from the band:

“Vertigo Records issued the debut album by Black Sabbath on Friday 13, 1970, and the world was never the same. Legendarily recorded in a single day in October 1969, the earthmoving self-titled set closed the book on hippie optimism with its dark magic and ushered in a brand new genre, setting the metal template for decades to come.

“Exactly 50 years to the date later, Zakk Sabbath will celebrate the first chapter in the Sabbath catalog with a reverently rendered tribute, simply titled ‘Vertigo.’

“Our aim is to faithfully re-record the album in the spirit of the original recordings: live in a fully analogue studio, direct to two inch tape, in a single 24 hour period. A film crew will document the process, culminating in a single album and DVD release limited to just 500 copies and delivered to purchasers on February 13, 2020.”

While this is a touching tribute to one of the greatest releases of all time, is it really necessary? I guess it doesn't matter because all 500 copies have sold out almost instantly.

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