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Yes, DEATH ANGEL's New Album Is Still In The Works

Death Angel drummer Will Carroll has chimed in.

Death Angel07880

Yes, the first new Death Angel record since Humanicide in 2019 is still happening despite Mark Osegueda joining Kerry King's solo band. In a recent post from Death Angel drummer Will Carroll, the band is hard at work on making a new record that doesn't repeat what they've already done.

"Today I tracked drums for a demo of a new Death Angel song," wrote Carroll. "I know a new DA album is long overdue but rest assured we are hard at work getting this new DA album written and completely demo'd. It felt good to get back to work with Rob Cavestany. Its a real challenge to not rehash the same ideas and beats from previous albums but I think so far things are sounding fresh and inspired. There will be a lot more posts like this in the next couple of months."

Death Angel is still clearly at the top of their game, as they showcased on their live album The Bastard Tracks recorded during a live stream in 2021. As for the new record, Death Angel guitarist Ted Aguilar echoed Carroll's sentiments in a 2023 interview with Tales From The Road, saying the process has been slow going.

"There is a Death Angel album in the works, but we're slowly working on it… There's stuff there. We've just gotta work on 'em more and write more." As for when the band might make an official comment on it, Aguilar continued: "I don't wanna say it's gonna be next year 'cause you can't really predict the future"… "Until we're kind of definite and there's a date locked and we have no activity and we're going in at this time, then I could tell you a set date. We just don't know when we're gonna start recording. And we do have some songs, but we wanna write some more, but they're all in the infancy stages."

As for Osegueda's involvement with King, he recently confirmed that hes still very much in Death Angel: "Well… The secret is out! I AM the lead vocalist for Kerry King's new band! I worked so hard on getting this gig! I worked so hard in the studio recording this record! And.. I'm so proud with what we all achieved! I can't wait to hit the road with this! And there will be plenty of that! Thank you all for your years of your support and inspiration! And… Yes!! I am still very much the lead vocalist of Death Angel".

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