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VIO-LENCE Hopes To Record Another EP This Fall

They're working on it now.

Photo by James Willard

Vio-lence will release their new EP, and first new material in nearly 30 years, Let The World Burn on March 4. According to Vio-lence guitarist Phil Demmel, the band has zero interest in going dormant for that long again and is already working on another EP. Demmel he hopes the band can constantly be putting out new material.

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"I'd like to do another EP rather than an album, and we're working on the songs for it already, and hopefully we'll get in to record by next fall," said Demmel according to Blabbermouth. "We want to constantly be releasing music, and constantly doing shows. At this stage, we're excited for everybody who's still excited for this band. To them, I say thank you for still listening to and supporting us. We're excited to come play, so spread the Vio-lence."

You can also check out our lengthy interview with Demmel about Vio-lence (and way more) here. During that interview, Demmel expressed that he and the band have no real interest in doing a full-length record.

"I started writing [Let The World Burn] on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise back in, I think, January of 2020. So I started writing riffs for that, and it just kind of snowballed. I had these riffs going and we were just like, 'well, what are we doing? What are we waiting for?' I didn't want to do a full length. I didn't have that in me.

"Nobody wants to listen to Vio-lence for 45 minutes, man. I don't want to listen to it. I will listen to old records, classic records that I like if I'm running or if I'm exercising or on a long drive, and I'll listen to a record back to front, but it just doesn't happen anymore. I want to be able to hold that interest. And I felt that three or four songs would be ideal. Sean's always had this super acquired taste vocally. So people love him or hate him. It's always been that way. We get it. And the band, too, there's not a lot of dynamics in what we do.

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"We're a thrash band, a brutal thrash band. We have some kind of change of pace stuff, but I wanted to just kind of punch you in the face about five times and then be done. Then you're like, 'oh fuck, what was that? I want to hear more of that!' Leave them wanting more."

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