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TOOL To Begin Recording In The Studio This Fall, According To Danny Carey

Posted by on May 1, 2017 at 11:15 am

Ah yes, the mystery of the missing Tool album. Last we heard, drummer Danny Carey said he hoped that the band would be releasing the album "pretty soon," and we got our hopes up when we learned Maynard has begun working on vocals, typically the last step before completely.

Today, we learned a new update, according to a fan fan who spoke to Carey at a recent gig. Carey says that Tool hopes to get into the studio this fall.

I went to The Baked Potato tonight and caught the first set of the Doug Webb Allstars. During the break I was fortunate to talk with Danny, and I asked him how high Tool fans must be to think the band would be releasing a new album prior to this upcoming tour. He laughed and said, “They can believe whatever they want, but it’s not gonna happen.” He added, and I’m condensing/paraphrasing here, that they hope to get into the studio to record in the Fall.

Presumably after its gigantic tour, which maybe signifies that the writing for the album is done?

Meanwhile, Maynard is going to pretty busy with A Perfect Circle, as they have a bunch of tour dates lined up, and other members of A Perfect Circle have said they hope to release a new album this fall, or early next year the latest.

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