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TIMES OF GRACE To Release A New Album This Spring


Good news for fans of the Jesse Leach / Adam D. side project. Times of Grace, the band featuring the Killswitch Engage members, will be releasing a new album this spring, according to a new teaser from the band.

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Leach told Revolver last summer the new album is a lot less metalcore and a lot more "genuine heavy metal" mixed in with experimental rock and roll.

"It's definitely different from the last record. We decided to really sort of set ourselves apart from the Killswitch sound. I think the last record had a lot of Killswitch in it, and we made a conscious departure to write more artistically indulgent songs, a little more rock-orientated, some post-metal, I guess, if you will — effects-driven guitars, very big, atmospheric-sounding stuff and acousticy, more blues, rock-driven stuff as well. So there's less of the quote-unquote metalcorish genre and more of a genuine heavy metal, rock and roll experimental record.

"And I'm super stoked on it — I'm very proud of it. And I will say this too — Adam takes center stage a lot more on this record. It's very much a 50/50 album when it comes to vocals. You're gonna hear a lot more of Adam's voice, and he has come such a long way with his voice and his lyrics. I'm so proud of him. I think it's the best work that we have done as musicians in this particular genre ever, I would say."

Previous, Leach told Mosh Talks With Beez that the band recorded enough material to also eventually release an EP.

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"The Times of Grace record is done," he said. "We have enough songs for a full-length record and then enough songs for an EP afterwards, if we choose to… We've decided to separate the two batches of songs. It's done and done, and I'm extremely proud of it, and I think it's probably the best record that Adam and I have ever done in our careers. Not only because it's something we're proud of lyrically and what it stands for, and it's much different from the first record — I just think because it's diverse. It shows a little bit more of a rock side, a little bit more of a stoner, post-metal side, it shows more blues. It gave us freedom to just do whatever we wanted to do. That, and Adam took the reins on… I wanna say half the record is him leading and half is me, and then we come together on songs. So you're gonna hear a lot more of Adam's creativity in his voice. And I wrote a couple of songs that he sang, and he brought a whole different light to it. So I'm extremely proud of that."

The new Times of Grace album is only the band's second, but their first to feature both Dutkiewicz and Leach while they're in Killswitch Engage.
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