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The last few weeks have been here in the Weekly Injection corner of the Metal Injection Tower. I write blurbs on a bunch of reviews, but only the "headliner" bands are discussed by some folks calling us out as only talking about mainstream bands or ones that are not metal or something else silly. Good news for those who complain: there's a little tab that says more or a link on Facebook that if you click it, you can see all sorts of bands talked about. I'd bet you haven't heard them all. Also, you might be surprised to find that while I do talk about some bands considered mainstream, I often am also shitting on them. Reading – It's a good thing.

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Now on to the metals…

Black Water Rising – Pissed and Driven81C4OAKeFXL._SL1400_

Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Label: Metalville

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Black Water Rising are one of those bands that would be a great gateway band towards heavier things. There are some elements of classic metal in there, but it's mostly a min-tempo groove oriented hard rock band trying to get some radio play. They're inoffensive and hard to hate, but ultimately produce more shrugs than devil horns in the air.

Eminence – The Stalker381913

Genre: Groove Metal
Origin: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Label: N/A

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I'm surprised these cats aren't signed somewhere. They play a pretty solid mix of death metal and groove goodness, without bordering into nu-metal nonsense. They are one of those bands that don't surprise you when you find out where they are from. Features Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr from Sepultura too.

Rosetta – The Anaesthetecover
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Genre: Post Metal/Sludge
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Translation Lost

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Rosetta are a great band that could easily get lost in the shuffle of their genre. The band is really good at what they do, but there really are a ton of great post metal bands out there. They'd made a good sludge package with Cult of Luna  and Neurosis. Also, yes, I know this came out on the 8th, but it'd be a shame not to include it at all.

We Butter The Bread With Butter – GoldkinderWBTBWB_Goldkinder

Genre: Electronic infused Death Metal
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Label: N/A

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It is really easy to make a Rammstein comparison with this band. Beyond the fact that they are also German, WBtBwB produce driving electronic filled music that would be easy to march or play with fire too. Pretty fun overall. They prove they are more than just a silly name. Very, very German though.

Also dropping today…

Dead – Idiots (Eolian)
Old Wounds/Trenchfoot – Split (Melotov)
No Sir – The Future Is Bright (Twelve Gauge Records)
Panzerchrist – The 7th Offensive (Listenable)
Psychic Teens – Come (SRA)
Serianna – Define Me (Bullet Tooth)
The Greenery – It's Looking Grim (N/A)
TRC – Nation (Digital) (Siege Of Amida)

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