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THE RED CHORD Is Working On Their First New Material Since 2009

It'll be their first with former Job For A Cowboy drummer Jon Rice.

The Red Chord 2023

After four reunion shows between 2022 and 2023, it seems like The Red Chord is finally starting to work on new material. In an interview with Squared Circle Pit, hosted by Metal Injection co-founder Rob Pasbani, The Red Chord vocalist Guy Kozowyk reveals that doing new music is the next logical step in the wake of their reunion shows.

"We are doing some stuff. So right now it's to a point where we don't want to just drop from the sky and just do these random things without having something new in hand," said Kozowyk.

"It was actually kind of crazy to start, when we were looking at it around when we were doing the Decibel show and Tattoo The Earth last year, and then this other Decibel show out in Denver, where our last album came out in 2009, and it's just crazy to think like – 'oh okay guys, like it's been a long time.' We have to release something new and just show that we're still capable of writing stuff that's, you know, as good as it was before – and if we can't, then we'll just get out of the way and you won't hear from us anymore.

"But everything that we're going to do from here on is going to be with a little bit more of a purpose. Like if we put out an album on vinyl and do some shows to move some vinyl and to celebrate some of these albums, I could justify my head – yeah cool we're going to get together we're going to devote some time and try to launch this up right. But until we get a handle and actually record something… John Rice has been our drummer for a while now, and we don't have any actual new material with him recorded."

Pasbani the clarifies that The Red Chord has been jamming together, to which Kozowyk replies: "Yes. There's been work in the lab now since 2009, it's just a matter of actually – I think everyone's on the same page in terms of wanting to do the stuff. I think right now more so than ever before, I think we're all on the same page that, okay yeah – we we should really either give this a send off with some new material, or keep it going again, or something. Because the shows that we did play, I think we all just kind of missed being creative, and we missed each other. Those are some of my best friends and I love working with those guys.

He continued: "Unfortunately, we had planned on trying to move forward and stuff at the end of '22 and you know, life gets in the way, we got a little derailed with some stuff, and next thing you know we played our one and only show December of 2023, and it's just like where did this whole bulk of time go?

"And I think that that's just kind of been the theme of a lot of stuff lately is, as you get older, and as you just get more self-absorbed in your profession or, you know, your family life or whatever, it's very difficult to focus on the things that you like doing from a creative standpoint. Yeah, I'm hoping that we could actually give The Red Chord the priority that I kind of feel like in my head I feel like it deserves."

New material from The Red Chord would be their first since Fed Through The Teeth Machine in 2009, and their first ever with former Job For A Cowboy drummer Jon Rice. So how likely is new material? Well, The Red Chord just signed with PR house The Chain World for "upcoming actions in 2024." So stay tuned.

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