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TEXTURES' New Album Phenotype Is One Hour-Long Song

Also another album in 2017.

Also another album in 2017.

Textures hasn't released an album since Dualism in 2011 and that is entirely too long to wait between releases. Fortunately the band is back with a new album called Phenotype that's due out on February 5, 2016 and will be the first album to feature guitarist Joe Tal. Interestingly, the album is literally one hour-long song presumably titled "Phenotype," so we'll see how that fares for the band…

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Oh, right. There's another album titled Genotype that's one 45-minute long song that's due out about a year after Phenotype. I guess we can never accuse Textures of trying, can we? I'm definitely interesting in hearing how this song/album plays out, if only because the band has been good for really interesting material in the past.

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