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SYMPHONY X To Work On New Album After Touring This Summer

We could always use some more Symphony X

We could always use some more Symphony X

Symphony X has largely kept quiet since their 2015 album Underworld. Guitarist Michael Romeo has since released a solo album and vocalist Russell Allen was doing Adrenaline Mob for quite a bit up until their horrendous accident that took the lives of bassist David Zablidowsky and tour manager Janet Rains. The band has reconvened for some touring, and now according to Romero in an interview with Metalliluola, they're considering working on a new album after they're done touring in August.

"After we did the last album, we did a lot of touring and we just kind of took a little break. Russ [singer Russell Allen] was working on some things; I was doing a solo thing; [bassist Mike] LePond was doing some stuff. Then Russ was involved in an accident. It just seemed like we just needed a little time for everybody to regroup and do their own things. That's why we decided to do this [current tour]. It's like, 'Okay, I did my solo thing, and Russ had a little time to… you know. I mean, after something like a tragic accident, you need a little bit of time to spend with your family, kind of gather your thoughts. I think there was enough time — everybody had the time to do what they wanted to do — and we just said, 'Instead of working on a record, let's just go out and tour a little bit. Let's get everybody back together, back on the [same] page and have some fun.' That's what we're doing here. As far as a record, after we get back, we have another run in South America in July and August, but once we get back to the States in the fall, we're going to talk about a record and what we're going to do. Usually, we'll just sit around and come up with some ideas — what's it going to be about — but once that happens, it's pretty quick… We didn't really talk much about the music. I think it's just going to naturally go where it goes. It definitely will be heavy and a little bit of progressive, a little bit of the symphonic element, maybe pay more attention to the melodies and things like that. But who knows — it won't happen until we're down there working. It's not going to be a rap record. [Laughs] You can count on that."

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Catch Symphony X at one of the dates below.

2019-07-27 Mexico City (El Plaza Condesa)
2019-07-28 Lima (Teatro de la Amistad Peruano China)
2019-07-31 Santiago (Blondie)
2019-08-01 La Paz (Salón Liberty)
2019-08-02 Buenos Aires (El Teatrito)
2019-08-03 São Paulo (Tropical Butantã)
2019-08-04 Limeira (Bar da Montanha)

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