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SPIRITBOX Teases New Material

The Fear Of Fear is coming.

Spiritbox 2023
Photo by Jonathan Weiner

Spiritbox released their debut album Eternal Blue in 2021, an EP called Rotoscope in 2022, and they're not ending that streak of new material in 2023. Spiritbox is currently teasing new music via a website called, which offers pre-save links for a bunch of streaming services alongside a rotating graphic in the background. So stay tuned!

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In a recent interview, Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante explained her new creative process and getting more comfortable with songwriting.

“I'm starting to feel more comfortable being a little bit more literal in songs. Hiding behind metaphors is safer, but it's also a little pretentious, because you're not really having to commit to what you're saying. You're just writing something and you're not really worrying about, 'Does it connect to verse one and the chorus and verse two? And is the full song something that you're actually trying to say?' I think I'm getting better at that. And then [guitarist Mike Stringer], he just gets better and better at writing songs. So I have a lot to live up to because he'll present me with this song that I love.

“It's funny because we've written new stuff – I already want to write new stuff and outdo that. And I want to challenge myself to do that. Ultimately, it's all like, free therapy, writing…. I'm trying to keep it like that, not thinking about what our fans want to hear, or what you guys want to hear from us, just what comes out. My mindset is: 'Does it make me feel happy to get this message out and feel good to sing? Awesome. Let's cut it and put it on there.'"

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