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SLIPKNOT Shares Ominous One-Minute Teaser of New Vocals

Posted by on March 27, 2019 at 9:46 am

All this talk about ex-percussionist Chris Fehn suing Slipknot may have temporarily drown out that the band is releasing a new record on August 9, but now we're getting back to that chunk of the news cycle. Vocalist and metal media darling Corey Taylor recently told the Des Moines Register the new record is "gonna be evil. It’s going to be ridiculous, let’s put it that way," and that the new song "All Out Life" isn't "nearly as dark and vicious as the rest of the stuff that we have that we’re working on."

While we still don't have an official title for the record (it seems like the prevailing guess right now is We Are Not Your Kind) or a single to go along with the announcement, Slipknot has taken to Twitter to share one minute of noisy, slowed-down and very trippy vocals. It's also worth noting the band has been posting more teases over the past few weeks than they've been in previous months, so maybe keep an eye out for a full-on announcement soon.

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