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Rob Halford Says New JUDAS PRIEST Is "Very Potent"

"We've got a bunch of great new ideas for tracks, lots of really strong demos."


Judas Priest is working on a new album that they've compared to their 1990 classic Painkiller, and which vocalist Rob Halford has said he loves quite a bit. To reiterate that last point, Halford said in a recent interview with Kazagastão that the new album is "very potent." He also said that writing and releasing Firepower in 2018 really stoked the metal fires in the band, which is always great news.

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"Now the world is opening up, and we need to get back on the road. Because, God, we are so missing our fans. We miss seeing our fans. We miss seeing each other [in person]. We haven't seen each other for over a year. We do a lot of Zooms, but we haven't seen each other forever. So we can't wait to be a band together and start rehearsing and so forth and get ready for some shows.

"We've got a bunch of great new ideas for tracks, lots of really strong demos," he continued. "It's gonna be a very potent record, 'cause we know we have to follow Firepower. But I've gotta tell you, Firepower turned the metal up for all of us in the band; it really gave us a tremendous boost this far on. And so, as a result of that, we carried all the energy from Firepower, we carried all the energy from the shows, and we took that with us when we went into the writing sessions last March — not this March, but last March — and you can sense it in the writing. So we already have some extremely potent, strong material."

[via Blabbermouth]

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