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New Record on the Way from KYUSS Lives!

Back in June, we reported that KYUSS Lives would be setting out on a full North American tour. Well, it seems that the good news for KYUSS fans just keeps rolling in. Speaking in an interview with Metal Insider on Tuesday, drummer Brant Bjork confirmed that the group will be recording a new album:

Yeah, we’ve actually already began working on new material and we plan to record a new album early next year, have it out probably by the end of 2012.

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Explaining what motivated the group to record, he went on to say:

From the first rehearsal and then on to the first couple of weeks of our March tour in Europe, it was evidently clear that we had a very strong chemistry with Bruno. And of course John, Nick and I always had really good music chemistry. Once again going back to my last statement about being conscious of where we’re at what we have, we figured “Let’s push ourselves and take the challenge to take advantage of this great chemistry and opportunity to make new music!”

As far as record deals are concerned, the band is considering several offers but has yet to make a decision. Brant mentioned that he would be open to self-releasing the material in the US while enlisting some industry assistance overseas.

Through the rest of the interview, Brant discussed Nick Oliveri's recent problems with the law, and compared how it feels to play in the band now to what it was like back in the 90's. There was even some discussion about the absence of Josh Homme from the reunion:

He just wasn’t really interested. We kind of counted on that, we kind of assumed that would be his response. And it’s ok, we move forward anyways.

Confident words. We'll see how the new record turns out!

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For more about KYUSS Lives, you can visit their website.


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