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Randy Blythe is Currently Recording Vocals But NOT For LAMB OF GOD

The photo is the answer!

The photo is the answer!

As you can see from the photo above, Randy Blythe has been a fan of North Carolina sludgers Sourvein for quite a while. So, when they asked him to contribute vocals to their new album, he was all about it.

Blythe is a busy man. He just finished his memoir, he's prepping for a photo exhibition and working on new material for Lamb of God. I guess he had a few hours free because he decided to help these dudes out too.

Blythe made the announcement, as he makes most announcements, via his Instagram:

Amongst reading the page proofs of my book & getting the final edit and design version of that approved, getting all the photos ready for my gallery show, dealing with my band on the creative end & all the endless crap that comes with that, and doing press for my book, photo show, and upcoming band tours, I decided I needed a break. Where does an overloaded writer/photographer/musician/creative type go when he needs a break? To the studio to work on SOMEBODY ELSE'S project, of course! Here's my buddy T-Roy of Cape Fear, NC's infamous Sourvein tracking vocals for their new record, Aquatic Occult, which will be coming out later this year on @MetalBladeRecords. I love the lines in this photo! I went down to Raleigh, NC where Sourvein were tracking & added a little Randy into the mix- the record will have guest vocals by me on a song, a spoken word bit on another, a creepy organ part I wrote on another, and some samples I collected where ever T-Roy decides to put 'em. I have deep roots in the Cape Fear, so when it calls, I answer. It was good to hang with my homie, & I'm looking forward to @sourveinofficials new album when it drops- bringing the Southern heavy vibe to Metal Blade! Plus, it gave me a chance to work with Sourvein's producer for this album, who is a PUNK ROCK LEGEND & has been a HUGE influence on me as a vocalist since I was in high school…

A photo posted by D. Randall Blythe (@drandallblythe) on

This wild man is Mike Dean, bassist of Raleigh, NC's Corrosion of Conformity. MD is producing the new @sourveinofficials "Aquatic Occult" for Metal Blade Recs, & I was SUPER-STOKED to have him tracking me while I did guest vocals for the record. In a way, Mike & his drummer Reed Mullin are responsible for me being a singer. In 1985, COC put out their groundbreaking album, "Animosity"- Mike & Reed did vocals on it. I was in high school then, and I loved, loved, LOVED that record, & I still do to this day- it is a PERFECT ALBUM. Back then, the punk/hc scene was much more regional (& in so many ways, I miss that aspect of those days- there are other aspects I don't miss AT ALL, like having to be ready to fight the entire rest of the world as soon as you walked out your door just because you looked different- that SUCKED- but I do miss the regional aspect- scenes were much stronger & tighter knit then, & as such had unique identities- this has been LOST in the Internet age), & as a VA/NC boy, I was extra-stoked on COC- they were from the region. One day I was in a car with some older dudes headed out to go skateboarding in downtown Wilmington, NC- I guess I was 14 or 15 years old?- & the driver put "Animosity" on in the TAPE DECK. I was screaming along in the back seat & the driver said "Whoa! Damn dude- you can do that- you should be in a band, man!" I always remembered that. THIRTY YEARS LATER, Mike Dean is tracking my vocals. That's CRAZY to me. He's a mad scientist, & it was an honor to work with him. So watch out for Sourvein's "Aquatic Occult" out later this year on @MetalBladeRecords- good times with the NC crew!

A photo posted by D. Randall Blythe (@drandallblythe) on

It's awesome that Blythe still remains a fan after all these years in the business. Him getting excited about Mike Reed tracking his vocals is getting me excited.

Aquatic Occult comes out later this year!

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