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RAMMSTEIN Teasing Something To Do With A Vault, Mutter & Their Song "Adieu"

What does it mean?


Update: The new music video for "Adieu" is streaming here, and no – it has nothing to do with Mutter. The original story is as follows.

Rammstein is up to something but it's not entirely clear what. As of right now, we know four things – whatever it is will be announced on November 24, it has something to do with a vault, the door on the vault says Mutter-22, and the YouTube title for the teaser references "Adieu" from their 2022 album Zeit.

Considering Rammstein released their album Mutter in 2001, it could be a delayed 20th anniversary thing? But then what does "Adieu" have to do with the tease? There's a pre-order link for an "Adieu" single in the YouTube description, so maybe it's the song plus some B-sides or re-recorded Mutter tracks? I guess we'll see later this week.

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