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RAMMSTEIN And HYPOCRISY Frontmen Team Up For A New Project

Titled after the Rammstein frontman. Weird?

Titled after the Rammstein frontman. Weird?

Here's a duo I'd have never put together- Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and Hypocrisy (and Pain, ex-Bloodbath, etc.) frontman Peter Tägtgren have teamed up to form a new project titled Lindemann.

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Seeing as Tägtgren handles pretty much every instrument known to man and does some serious death metal vocals, I'd imagine he'd be handing that aspect of the project while Lindemann lends his iconic voice to helm the project.

There's really nothing else known about the group right now outside the fact that they exist and have a Facebook page, so we'll see what's up soon! I guess Rammstein really is on an extended break. Then again, if Lindermann is as interesting as Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe's Emigrate, we have something awesome to look forward to.

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