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RAMMSTEIN's Writing Process For New Material "Seems To Be Going Well"

New material is coming… eventually.

New material is coming... eventually.

Rammstein has been working on new material for close to one year now, though at this point there's no real rush – it's been seven years already since its last record.

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In a recent interview with Kaaos TV (below), keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz says the band's writing process seems to be going well, though there's really no telling when things will be wrapped up.

"We have started to compile ideas for songs and develop them as a band. It is difficult to say how far along we are, because a lot of the time everything seems to be going well, and then there are days when we just want to start the whole process all over again. That is why there is no objective view about how far [into the making of the new album] we are."

He also explains that supposed new song, titled "Ramm 4," which contains titles of the band's old material, saying Rammstein "wanted to show the world that [they] are still together and that [they] are playing and making new music." So don't expect Rammstein to go all Necrophagist on you!

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