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POWERMAN 5000 Working On A New Record

Plus why the pandemic wasn't that bad for them.


Mainstay of the industrial metal world Powerman 5000 is working on their 11th studio album. According to frontman Spider One in an interview with Metal Roos, Powerman 5000 is aiming to wrap up the record when they get home from their Australian tour celebrating the 1999 album Tonight The Stars Revolt!.

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"Yeah. We're in the middle of it now. I've got a bunch of songs written and sort of demoed out, I suppose you'd say. So the goal is to have that done quickly. That'll be priority once we get back from Australia [tour]. 'Cause we don't go back on the road until March. So probably in that window of February, [we'll] try to maybe get everything mixed and finished to have it released some time in 2023."

Spider One also touched on what Powerman 5000 was up to during the pandemic, which was mostly nothing. Spider One noted the band's Spotify activity is pretty inconsistent with their release schedule, adding "the inactivity didn't really hurt us, I don't think, in any way." So at least someone didn't have a terrible pandemic, right?

"We didn't do anything. Like everybody else, we were stuck home and didn't get to play for almost two years, or about two years. So it was strange. But it's interesting. I don't know. There used to be a time when there were these things called album cycles — you put an album out; you tour on that album for a year or whatever; and you release the singles. And there was sort of this standard way you did business.

"I feel like those days, at least for us, are over. I'll find Spotify activity will go up when we're doing nothing sometimes, or it'll go down when a new record [has come out]. There seems to be no real logic to the way things function anymore. So the inactivity didn't really hurt us, I don't think, in any way. Maybe it even helped us a bit.

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"There were a lot of bands that were trying to do stuff and maybe went out a bit too early and their tours didn't do well. We really waited it out until we felt like people were comfortable with going out again. And ever since, everything's been just super successful. So it worked out fine. But, yeah, the record was sort of… I think everybody kind of feels like they had a lot album in those couple of years."

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