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OBSCURA To Hit The Studio This Summer For New Album

"We’re going to have a busy year, a really busy year!"

Photo by Martin Weiss

Obscura began their Cosmogenesis concept cycle with their 2009 album of the same name, and wrapped it all up with their 2018 album Diluvium. Guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer told Kronos Mortus News in December 2019 that Obscura is in the middle of writing their first non-Cosmogenesis-related album since 2006, and is planning on hitting the studio this summer to record.

Oh, we’re already writing songs for the new album for Obscura. We’re in the middle of writing new songs, while also preparing the upcoming tour and we’re planning to hit the studio next summer. So, right now, we’re negotiating, who’s producing the record and where and when we’re doing that. But our time will be the summer in the next year, when we’re going to record the new album. We’re going to have a busy year, a really busy year!

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Kummerer also talked a little bit about Obscura's evolution as a band and what to expect from the new record.

Well, if you listen to our first demo, we every did from 2003, we basically mixed black metal, death metal, a little bit of tharsh, and already put in a small amount of prog pieces, as a work with strings. So, we didn’t change too much, the only difference is we’re now better musicians than back then. We’re simply play we like, but at the same time, we always stick to where we come from. So, we will not become of a female fronted, opera-based, I don’t know, gothic band on the next album. We definitely only play the music we love and like and we just go on and try to keep it more interesting. So, we definitely stay where we are with the band, but at the same time open up a little bit and well, includes couple of other ideas, which other bands don’t. So, if you see the difference between Akróasis and Diluvium or Omnivium and Akróasis, all of those records sound a little bit different. And this is good. I don’t wanna repeat myself and the next album will be the same but, including a tiny glimpse of new music. We definitely keep the sound we have, so over all, bases of this band is always a death metal band, but let’s see what we’re drifting into with the next album. So we try to keep it interesting for ourselves, but also for the fans.

Read the full interview here.

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