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OBITUARY Is "Very Excited" About Their New Material

"We stick to our roots. We are Obituary."

Obituary has spent a good chunk of time throughout quarantine working on a new album. In an interview with Heavy Demons, drummer Donald Tardy said the band is pretty stoked about the new material. Tardy added that the new stuff doesn't really push the envelope for the band, but instead sees them sticking to their roots. Which is great – Obituary is one of those bands that I personally want to sound very much like Obituary through and through.

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"As always, we are a band that does not put pressure on ourselves. We do not push the envelope. So we really just took our time and were writing songs as they came into our brain, but we did not try too hard; we wanted it to come naturally. So we are still writing the music. We're very excited about the new songs. [They're] very Obituary style, but just like a good red wine that's been opened, it's just getting tastier and tastier.

"Some of these riffs and some of these songs that we have for the new album fans are really gonna love. We stick to our roots. We are Obituary. We do not try to play a million miles an hour. We want it to be midtempo and groovy and heavy, and that's really what we're trying to deliver to our fans."

Obituary recently announced two upcoming livestream shows. The first takes place on March 27 and will consist of a set list of all fan favorites, while the April 3 set list will be Obituary's 1992 album The End Complete performed in full.

[via Blabbermouth]

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