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New STATIC-X Album Project Regeneration Expanded To Two Albums

It'll be 20 tracks now.

You might've noticed that when Static-X rolled out their song "Hollow" last week, pre-orders for the new album Project Regeneration said Project Regeneration, Vol. 1. That's because Project Regeneration has now been expanded to two volumes and 20 tracks, as both bassist Tony Campos and drummer Ken Jay explain.

Jay: “We have been working on allot of material over the last year and a half and while selecting the songs to move into the final mix phase, it became clear that there is just too much material and too little time for this to be a single album.”

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Campos: “The last thing that we wanted to do was make the fans wait any longer. We also didn’t want to abandon the remaining material, because it is very close to being complete and we know that the fans are going to want to be able to hear and experience all of it.

We also recognize that all of this music is part of the same body of work, which marks this very important chapter of Static-X, so it is only logical to release all of the music under the same banner, Project Regeneration.

The vocals for the song Hollow were originally recorded in 2005 for the Static-X album Start A War, but Wayne and I never felt like the music on the original Hollow demo was fully realized. That is why it didn’t appear on Start A War or any Static-X album that followed.

The vocals sounded great, but some of the musical compositions from that time period felt a bit experimental. The band was going through a lot of changes at that time and, in retrospect, it felt like we’d strayed away from that authentic Static-X sound that really defined us.

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Jay: “When we began working on Project Regeneration our producers advised us to ignore any of the old demo music, so we opted for the original band to re-enter the studio with nothing more than Wayne‘s isolated vocal tracks and to just be ourselves, to be Static-X, and to make Evil Disco.

The vocals sound really great and I think that Wayne would be extremely happy with what we’ve done with the music and to know that these tracks have finally realized their full potential.

Right now we are finalizing the mixes for the first batch of songs, which will appear on Volume 1, while we continue to finish up the tracking for the rest of the music, which will appear on Volume 2. Volume 1 will be released at the end of May and the goal is to release Volume 2 as soon as possible.”

Project Regeneration, Vol. 1 is out May 29 and is available for pre-order here. Both volumes of Project Regeneration were produced by Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Static-X) and feature now-deceased vocalist Wayne Static.

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