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New BAPTISTS Is On The Way!

I've been gushing on Baptists super hard since the release of their flawless full-length, Bushcraft, appropriately produced by the Tone Wizard Kurt Ballou. I can't think of another record I've been anticipating more in 2014 than a follow up from this Vancouver power house. I'm stoked to report that said follow up was recorded last week, once again, at God City Studios. Now I just have to try and not shit my pants in anxiety while we wait!

If you're still not hip to the face pummeling sounds of Baptists, I strongly urge you to check them out. Especially Nick Yacyshyn, who happens to be one of my favorite drummers in the genre. Surprisingly, I'm in good company since new Hall of Fame inductee Dave Grohl has also cited Nick a few weeks ago as his "favorite new drummer". If it's good enough for Dave and Kurt, do you really need another excuse to watch this damn video!?

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