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Nergal Says New BEHEMOTH Album Inspired By His Battle With Cancer

Posted by on June 4, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Dude, the album is called The Satanist (which we talked about earlier this week) and it's inspired by kicking cancer square in the nuts. Can there be a more badass premise for a record?

This sounds absolutely terrifying in the best way possible. Is Nergal about the uneash the fury of a thousand suns upon our ears? In an interview posted by Revolver, Nergal talks about how his leukemia scare inspired a lot of emotional lyrics on the new album:

“When I was in the hospital I was collecting experiences and emotions. I’m pretty sure that’s coming out now.

“There are moments I catch myself thinking about how my state was back then – it was me versus life, me versus death. It definitely changed my thoughts and it’s one hundred percent reflected in the record.”

You might be a bit concerned to hear him calling The Satanist as “very emotional…” but he insists there’s nothing to worry about.

“Take Slayer,” he says. “Whatever genre they deal with, they still end up sounding like Slayer. Even when they were flirting with nu-metal it was a Slayer record. Same with Behemoth.”

So… it's basically about all the hardships and dark places he went while being sick. Except it's on a metal record and about dark shit to begin with. Not that I didn't have only the upmost respect and admiration for Nergal before this, but this takes it to an entirely new level. I am so excited about this damn record.

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