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Nergal: Next BEHEMOTH Album May Have Post-Punk Influences

I can't imagine Nergal shouting oi! oi! oi! but I can imagine some punk d-beats on the new Behemoth album.

I can't imagine Nergal shouting oi! oi! oi! but I can imagine some punk d-beats on the new Behemoth album.

Behemoth are surprisingly working on a new album earlier than expected, and during a recent fan Q&A with asQme, he offered some hints as to the potential sound of the follow-up to the band's smash hit, The Satanist.

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Nergal reveals that the music inspiring him while writing the new Behemoth album is "the avant-garde" and that he's been listening to a lot of classic rock and is "really keen on the primitive, primal kind of tempos."  He then elaborated and revealed some of the music he's currently listening to has been rubbing off on him:

"There's some rigid strength in the punk scene in general. The classics, they have this thing that makes you come back to the origins like a boomerang. That's how I work. I just drift somewhere and then, eventually, I come back and listen to classics, like heavy metal, punk, goth. I'm not really a big gothic fan, a fan of goth music, but Fields of The Nephilim is a classic.

Once in a while, I just come back and rediscover them for myself. Same goes for Bauhaus and Siekiera… Plenty of bands… It can be whatever…. Sabbath… You name it… David Bowie just coming back with a new record. It is very inspirational, even for radical music that we make, it's still very inspirational. Sometimes it's not really direct inspiration, that you will hear me singing some avant-garde stuff… Not necessarily; I'm not that kind of singer. But I wouldn't be surprised if on the next Behemoth album, you will hear some post-punk influences, the beats especially. I'm really keen on the primitive, primal kind of tempos lately. So you never know."

Fans will likely have to wait until late 2016 or early 2017 to hear new music as Behemoth just announced a spring headlining run of dates where they will play The Satanist in full. Dates here.

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