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BEHEMOTH Hopes To Write A New Album In 2016, Has A Mystery Project Coming Soon

The behemoth rises!

The behemoth rises!

Behemoth has kept its fans on its toes over the course of the past year. In early 2015, frontman Nergal suggested the band might be done and then continued to make that suggestion, only to turn around and say that the band would eventually come back with an amazing new record. Recent interviews essentially boiled down to Nergal saying the band would do something whenever it felt inspired… and wouldn't you know it? The band is feeling inspired.

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In an interview with Rock Sverige, Nergal revealed that Behemoth is currently working on some sort of mysterious project that sounds like a soundtrack of some sort.

"I really don't wanna talk that much about it until we have some truths. There's some stuff happening, but I can't go into any details. It's something that's gonna be pretty big. It's a big deal with some big names and there's a pretty dark story behind it, which is worldwide known, because it's a classic. We've been asked to make some music for it and we're trying. We have even recorded something, but it's too early to officially give any details to the public."

Whatever it is, it sounds plenty interesting! Of course a new album came up during the interview, and this time Nergal says the band is definitely going to at least attempt writing in 2016.

"…I can say that when we were in the studio fucking around with ideas for this theater project, it kind of triggered my creativity and I think I'll be getting into writing mode earlier than I expected that I would. It's still too early, but I think I wanna start doing some work in 2016 and I think it would be really smart and good to have a new album out in 2017. But I know how it is — you say something in an interview, and then [people] say, 'You promised there was gonna be a record in 2017.'"

Just so we're clear- we and Nergal aren't saying there's definitely going to be an album in 2017. We're just saying the band is making an attempt to do one in 2016.

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