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METALOCALYPSE Creator Brendon Small Is Almost Done With His Solo Record

Last year, on the black carpet of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small revealed exclusively to Metal Injection that he was working on a solo record, completely separate from Dethklok. At the time, he mentioned the band would be similar to Dethklok but with more melodic vocals. That was a year ago and last week Small was interviewed by Metal Assault where the project was brought up again. Turns out the album is in the mixing stages. Small stressed the melodic vocals on the record, saying at points they resemble Foo Fighters, but then also addming there are moments of black metal, making it clear that he pulled from all of his influences for the album. Also, when speaking on comparisons to Dethlok, he changed his tune about the similar sounds stating:

"It won't be the same thing as Dethklok. It will be a lot of fun and very musical, but it will be more of an extreme rock record than a metal album. You know, a lot of double kicks and sweep arpeggios, a lot of fun twists and turns. If I do my job right it will be a really high stakes intergalactic rock album. It should sound something like an audio comic book. It's a lot of fun"

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When pressed for a release date, Small didn't have much of a timeline, but with the record being this close to completion, we have to assume it will be released this year.

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