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MEGADETH Tease A Minute of New Music

Posted by on September 28, 2015 at 10:33 am

Megadeth announced that an announcement would be coming about its new album pretty soon by way of a countdown on its website. SoI guess we'll just have to wait to hear whatever the announcement is, right? Not quite.

Go head over to Megadeth's website and wait a second. Chris Adler's drum tracks will start to play from what I'd imagine is a new song, though you only get about a minute or so of new music before it repeats. If I'm guessing at this correctly, it'll do what Ghost's website did a few years back leading up to the release of "Secular Haze" and a new album announcement- it'll just keep playing new tracks every day that layer into a new song. So maybe we'll get more as time counts down?

We'll see!

In related news, an Amazon.com listing shows that a new single called "Fatal Illusion" will be released Oct. 16th. Do we really have to wait two weeks for a new Megadeth single? I guess we'll see.

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