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MASTODON Begin Work On New Album

We haven't heard much in terms of new music from Mastodon, although individual members seem to keep busy. We know Brent Hinds recently released an album from his side-project West End Motel, and he's working on new music with Ben Weinman of Dillinger Escape Plan going by the name Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. Guitarist Bill Kelliher is currently touring with his side project, Primate (and we have video footage). Bassist Troy Sanders, meanwhile, is collaborating with Dillinger vocalist Greg Puciato as well as Max Cavalera on a yet-to-be-titled project.

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Today, we get our first update on what new music from Mastodon might sound like… 

The band recently wrapped up a tour of South America and are currently in writing mode. There is a chance they'll hit the studio in January and start working on a new album, or they might decide to tour for another year. Regardless, there is some new material and 'don guitarist Brent Hinds talked to MTV Hive about what the album might sound like:

As for what Hinds has been working on for Mastodon, the wait might be worth it. “A lot of the stuff I’m writing is in open G-minor,” he says, before explaining, “I’m playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radioheadish and very spooky sounding.” Right now, he thinks he has about three songs’ worth of material, “or it could be one gigantic one,” he says straight-faced. “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

No matter what happens, though, Hinds says the wheels are in motion. “Those dudes are always working,” he says of his bandmates. “There’s never really a shortage of music with Mastodon because all of us are working on something musically. I’m in good company. Just because they might stand in the middle of the stage or something, people might think, this is the leader, he must conduct everything, but we’re all the leaders. We spread the weight around.” Time will tell what that will mean on the next Mastodon release.

Will we hear new music in 2013 from Mastodon? I certainly would not be opposed to it.

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