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MASTODON Drummer Explains Delay On New "Heavy" Song With NEUROSIS Frontman

Posted by on February 11, 2019 at 2:33 pm

Mastodon recently got metal fans stoked with the news that there would be a brand new song out before their European tour with Neurosis frontman Scott Kelly.

The tour began on January 14 and no new song surfaced. Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor recently spoke to Rock Sverige, where he basically says the band spoke too soon and that the song wasn't completed in time. Dailor says the song is recorded, mixed and mastered, but Mastodon ended up having to wait.

"We wanted to release it right ahead of this tour, and we were trying really hard, and we had one foot in the studio and one foot on the airplane coming to Europe, and it just didn't really come together as quickly as we wanted it to. It's finished — the song is fully finished and it's mastered and ready to rock — but we'll just have to wait to release it.

"It would've made sense to release it ahead of this tour because we have Scott Kelly with us and he sings on some of it, so that would've been cool. We missed by a week or something and then we were stupid and went and blabbed about it like it was going to be a done deal. We thought it was going to be done sooner, but there were some circumstances that got in the way, unfortunately. But it's still a kickass song and it's pretty heavy."

All we know right now about the track is that guitarist Bill Kelliher says it's "brutal" and that it might be titled "Fallen Torches," if this Reddit rumor is to be believed. Dailor also adds that fans will likely have to wait until 2020 for a new Mastodon album, though they are working on it.

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