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Lars Ulrich Says METALLICA's New Album Is Less Frenetic And More Diverse Than Death Magnetic

It's not going to be Death Magnetic 2, for sure.

It's not going to be Death Magnetic 2, for sure.

We recently heard that the new Metallica album is due likely this fall, if not at least some point in 2016, with the band done recording and currently mixing. The real speculation, however, isn't when the album will be released though, but what it'll sound like.

Lars Ulrich recently sat down with Citizens Of Humanity to talk about the new record, where he reveals it won't be quite as frenetic as Death Magnetic, and just might be a little more diverse than the record as well.

"It definitely sounds like Metallica. It's probably a little less frenetic than the last record. The last one [producer] Rick Rubin really encouraged us to for the first time be inspired by our past. It was the first time we sort of looked in the rearview mirror. This time around it's a little bit of a different thing. We're not working with Rick, we're working with the engineer from the last record, who's producing, Greg Fidelman. So there's some of the same production elements at play, but we're expanding a little bit on the sonics. It's probably a bit more of a diverse record than the last one. It's exciting, but I don't have quite the perspective yet."

Working on new music as long as Metallica has been, it's understandable that Ulrich adds the caveat that he might've lost a little perspective on how the new stuff really is. Hearing the same songs and riffs year after year has to be at least a little grating, but Ulrich's description certainly does sound pretty interesting!

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