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LAMB OF GOD's new record to be more "raw"

One of next year's most anticipated releases will be the new LAMB OF GOD record set to come out next February. It's no secret that everybody here at the Metal Injection studios is a huge Lamb of God fan. Now its clear that with every record, the band moved from a raw sound to more of a polished metal band. In a recent interview with Synthesis, Mark Morton says the band's next record Wrath will be a return to the more raw feel of LAMB OF GOD:

There are definitely some changes; fairly significant ones, I would say. Overall, I would characterize this record as a bit more raw, a little more aggressive and organic. To me, this record is more like a band in front of you playing it, whereas on "Sacrament" there was more studio polish going on. It's not to knock it, but it's just a different approach to making a record. We were really trying to achieve a certain level of perfection when it came to "Sacrament", which largely we did, but with "Wrath" we were trying to go for more of a character, you know? There was a lot of stuff on there that weren't perfect takes, but we left it because they sounded cool and had their own identity.

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This just makes it more exciting. From what we've heard with the "Overhaul" bootleg (below) it sure sounds like LAMB OF GOD will be back with a vengeance…

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