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LAMB OF GOD Frontman's Memoir Release Date, Working Cover Art And Title Leaks

Lamb of God frontman Randall Blythe has been through hell and back with his legal problems after a fan's death in Prague. After it was all said and done in the three years time it took, Blythe was found not guilty and headed back home to the United States. He's shared some of his stories from his time in prison and his experiences during the trial through various posts through that time, but now Blythe is seeking to get the entire story out there via his new book!

Lamb of God Randy Blythe memoir coverI use the term "leak" lightly. It didn't technically "leak." It was posted to Amazon as an item recently and gave a whole lot of detail. "Leak" just seemed like the closest term for that sort of thing. Anyway, the Amazon posting gives a description of the book, titled Dark Days: My Tribulations and Trials, as:

"In 2010, a nineteen-year-old super-fan rushed the stage during a Lamb of God concert in Prague. To protect himself, singer Randy Blythe pushed the fan away. Unbeknownst to Blythe, the young man hit his head on the floor when he fell and later died from the injury. Blythe was promptly incarcerated on charges carrying a prison term of five to ten years. Thirty-seven days later, he was released on bail to await trial. Although legal experts told him not to return to the Czech Republic to face the charges, Blythe explained that he “could not run away from this problem while the grieving family of a dead young man searched hopelessly for answers that [he] might help provide.”

After a five-day trial, he was acquitted on March 5, 2013.

In Dark Days, Blythe tells the story of his incarceration and the wild life that led up to it. As he explains, 'Most substance abuse books end with the author getting sober. My book starts there.'"

If there's ever been a book I've been excited for, it's this one. This sounds like it'll be the full recounting of everything that happened from the time Blythe encountered the fan up to his not guilty verdict. Blythe has also taken some really excellent pictures on his Instagram of all the places he'd been during the trials, so I'm hoping he'll include those as well.

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