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LAMB OF GOD Frontman Randy Blythe Completes The First Draft Of His Book

He said it'll be a companion to the album (no he didn't).

He said it'll be a companion to the album (no he didn't).

The last we reported on Lamb of God frontman Randall Blythe's book Dark Days was all the way back in March when he talked about how he got a book deal. Before that it was in February when he launched a blog for the book, in the event you're curious to keep up with the progress. Now, via Blythe's world-famous Instagram (below), he's announced that the first draft of the book is completely done! "Completely done" in that all the thoughts are down- now it's time to run through the arduous editing process.

"This is what a completed 1st draft of a book manuscript looks like. I wrote this myself, mostly over the last eight months, and I finished it today at precisely 2:09 pm. Next to it is an abridged dictionary I got for a quarter at a thrift store, placed there for perspective (in real life, I use a massive 3,000 pound unabridged dictionary, of course). The single space typed manuscript stands thicker than the 600+ page dictionary- now it's time to trim the fat. I have to do a quick edit of the last three chapters and the epilogue over the next few days, then send them to my editors, then the ball is in their court for a while- it's time to let them kill some of my darlings, to paraphrase a saying often erroneously attributed to Faulkner.

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There is still work to be done, but the worst is over. I did it. I saw it through. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine: I wrote a book, I can hold it in my hands, and I am damn proud of it. The work is good. And right about now, I must admit I am feeling pretty damn MAJESTIC. I can't wait to do it again."

We've seen Blythe talking about his time in Czech prison, and while the information is interesting, it'll be great to see all of those thoughts collected and coherently told in the book. Obviously there's no release date for the book, but I'll be it'll be out sometime next year. You know, along with that Lamb of God album… probably.

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