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JESSE LEACH Calls KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Upcoming Record The Hardest One He's Ever Worked On

"It is by far the most difficult album I've ever worked on for various reasons."

2019-05-18-Sonic-Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach hasn't been quiet about why the band's follow-up to their 2019 album Atonement is taking forever. In a recent interview, Leach said the new record is purposefully something different for the band and has gone through quite a few revisions.

Now in a lengthy Instagram post, Leach has revealed the new Killswitch Engage record is the "most difficult album" he's ever worked on and has really been testing the limits of his vocal abilities. Which means this thing must be nuts – Leach is a very talented guy and that's showcased a lot of range between Killswitch Engage and Times Of Grace.

"I will say this. The newest Killswitch Engage album we are working on has taken its toll on me this past year," said Leach. "It is by far the most difficult album I've ever worked on for various reasons. That being said as I see the distant light at the end of this long tunnel. I can truly say it has all been a much needed growing experience. When I say that I mean it personally, lyrically and vocally. I've been able to take any criticism from my dudes and separate it from my being to push through and rise to the occasion.

"This has been a work in progress as everything I write is always deeply personal and for the most part difficult to write. It's always hard to let go of my work. I'm very pleased I've learned to separate my emotions from the work. It's been liberating! I've also been able to stretch the limits of my voice mixing techniques and hues of sound (still working on this as a full time student of the voice via @zenofscreaming).

"Lastly, lyrically I've crafted some songs to feel more like a story, which I believe makes the material more interesting. Adam [Dutkiewicz] has helped a great deal as usual being a great producer and a good friend throughout. Talking me off the cliff and making me laugh when need be. It can't be overstated how crucial he is (even when I can get thrown sideways at times). He always sees the bigger picture and pushes me to my limit for better or worse. The outcome however is always far better than I imagined."

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