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James Hetfield: METALLICA Is "Recording Right Now"

For real?

For real?

Last week, we debated if Metallica even needed to make a new record anymore, but I guess the band didn't get the memo.

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The band have previously said they plan to hit the studio this year, and as late as last month, they were still saying that.

Well, it looks like something changed in the last month, because if a quote from James Hetfield is to be believed, the band is currently in the process of creating their new record.

In a new video clip for the guitar pick-up manufacturer EMG (viewable below), Hetfield says in passing that the band is laying down some tracks. Speaking of his three signature ESP guitars ( the Truckster, Snakebite, and Iron Cross), Hetfield says "I tell ya, we're recording right now, and there's the number one guitar, there's the number two guitar, there's the number three. And here's the third-track guitars that just sound different. They all sound different."

We're not sure exactly when this was recorded, but this sounds promising. Of course, this could just be a turn of phrase. Recording to James could just mean demoing new material and not actually recording final mixes.

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Back in May, Lars said "don't hold your breath," so I guess the truth remains to be seen.

[via Blabbermouth]

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