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INCANTATION Is Releasing Their New Record Dirges Of Elysium In May, Not Going On Hiatus

Phew! That was a close one. I think. Maybe?

Phew! That was a close one. I think. Maybe?

A few days ago we announced that Incantation's guitarist Alex Bouks left the band and former guitarist Sonny Lombardozzi would be stepping back into the role. The strange part of Bouks' departure was the message, which made it sound like the band were simultaneous considering going on hiatus and finishing up a new record. Don't you play with my emotions like that Incantation! Especially when you knew damn well you had a new record all ready to go! Incantation took to their own website to announce they would be releasing Dirges of Elysium in late May via Listenable Records.

"Elysium. Sky burial, necromancy, a cult in ancient Prussia, and pure blasphemy all await those who will hear the new release.

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"The music is diverse and holds more aggression then our previous, alongside with more doom hymns heard at a demonic funeral!

"As each and every record gets better by date, this by far surpasses any past materials!!

"Hell awaits in the ashes of Elysium!!"

2014 continues to be a good year

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