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In The Studio

TRIVIUM Already Working on New "Really Pissed Off" Material

They're making the best of the quarantine.

Trivium is using the time they would've spent on the road to instead working on material for their tenth album. Guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy told Interview Under Fire he expects the band to release a new album sooner than the three years it took between 2017's The Sin and the Sentence and this year's What the Dead Men Say.

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Heafy adds both he and bassist Paolo Gregoletto are working on the material, which he said sounds "really pissed off."

"Since we've been stuck at home and there's no tour plans, we've already been throwing around new song ideas and writing. 'Cause we're, like, hey, if we can't tour, we might as well write some new tunes and get started on eventually what could be album ten. There was, like, three years between these two records that I think we'll get around to dropping another one sooner than people think. We're just kind of using the time to be productive. And already the stuff I've written and then also some of the stuff I've heard that Paolo has written, everything sounded really pissed off."

In the meantime, Trivium recently streamed both their Download Fest 2019 set and their Brixton 2018 set. Heafy also played through the entirety of What the Dead Men Say on his Twitch channel.

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