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DEVILDRIVER Has Begun Tracking Vocals For A New Double Album

Posted by on January 16, 2019 at 12:39 pm

DevilDriver vocalist Dez Farfara revealed back in July 2018 the band was in the studio recording a total of 25 songs for a concept double record. He added that "you’re going to get a release every 15-18 months from DevilDriver, from here on out in my career," which is pretty ambitious but also doable if you're always writing.

Now in a new Instagram post, Farfara has revealed he's tracking vocals for the new records, meaning 2019 is the year you're going to start getting a new DevilDrive record every 15-18 months. Farfara also didn't want to begin tracking vocals until it was raining.

Tracking has fucking begun #HaunteDDstudios – Leave it all on the Table for The Heavy ! #DoOrDie @devildriver @theoraclemgmt #metal #groovemetal #thecaliforniagroovemachine @steveevetts @napalmrecordsofficial @thomas.napalmrecords #FuckActiveRock #DieWithYourBootsOn #NoCompromise #NoPussingOut … I WOULD NOT ALLOW TRACKING TO START UNTIL IT WAS RAINING OUTSIDE – now in a full rain monsoon we start -WEEK OF RAIN GONNA HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY ON THESE TRACKS BRING THE THUNDER THE LIGHTENING AND THE RAIN BRING THE ENERGY OF THE SKY DOWN UPON THIS ROOFTOP !

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