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In The Studio

CROSSES Appears To Be In The Studio Again

We've got an image and a whole lot of beats to guess from.


Crosses—the group speared by Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and producer-musician Shaun Lopez (Far)—appear to be cooking something up in the the studio. Lopez teased some videos recently on Instagram that show he and Moreno laying down some tracks for whatever the group releases next. Crosses released its PERMANENT.RADIANT EP back in December of last year, though aside from a few singles and the aforementioned EP, Crosses has not dropped a sophomore full-length to follow up their self-titled debut LP from 2014.

You can see from the post below that Lopez has photo dumped quite a bit of evidence, though the videos capture no faces – only busy hands on various synthesizers and guitars. From the sound of it, it looks like Lopez (and whoever else may be in the studio with Crosses) has been messing around with a whole lot of 808 beats and some thunderous bass tones. The tip that he and Moreno are working on something come in the sixth slide, which shows a tablet device with an image of Moreno recording vocals somewhere.

So stay tuned! More Crosses is likely coming. Which is great, considering there was a long silence between that debut album and all the material we got throughout 2022.

Earlier this year in an interview with Revolver, Moreno explained why he feels "Vivien"—the first single from PERMANENT.RADIANT—is a good starting point for anyone looking to get into the band.

“I think there’s a reason why we chose that song as the first single… coming back," said Moreno. "I know we had the Initiation/Protection single that kind of came out under the radar. But I just feel like ['Vivien'] encompasses, in the easiest terms, what the project consists of — beat-wise, tempo-wise.

"It kind of depends who I’m playing it for," Moreno also noted. "I feel like Crosses lends itself to catering to different people who are in different moods. There [are] some pretty sullen tracks, there’re some more aggressive tracks, more romantic tracks. So it kind of depends on what mood I’m trying to convey.”

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