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CHINO MORENO Names The Song That Will Turn People On To CROSSES

"I just feel like [it] encompasses… what the project consists of"


Revolver‘s "Point Of Entry" series recently caught up with Deftones and Crosses singer Chino Moreno to ask him which Crosses track would be an excellent choice for someone who's just getting into the group. Crosses dropped their Initiation/Protection double single in early 2022, and then returned with a new EP called PERMANENT.RADIANT in December. The band streamed the first single "Vivien" back in October of 2022, and perhaps not surprisingly, it won Moreno over when it came to his choice for "Point of Entry".

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“I think there’s a reason why we chose that song as the first single… coming back," said Moreno. "I know we had the Initiation/Protection single that kind of came out under the radar. But I just feel like ['Vivien'] encompasses, in the easiest terms, what the project consists of — beat-wise, tempo-wise.

"It kind of depends who I’m playing it for," Moreno also noted. "I feel like Crosses lends itself to catering to different people who are in different moods. There [are] some pretty sullen tracks, there’re some more aggressive tracks, more romantic tracks. So it kind of depends on what mood I’m trying to convey.”

The video for "Vivien" was directed by Lorenzo Diego Carrera and Shaun Lopez. The track stirred a little bit of noise lately, when Moreno acknowledged in the same Revolver interview that the melody was a "wink" toward Britney Spears' pop hit "Baby One More Time," of all things.

"I think it may have been a slight wink," said Moreno. "I think it's funny how a lot of people are like, 'Oh my god, did you hear this?' And to me, I kinda just have a little smile about it. It's one of those things where … yeah, I would just say it's a possible little wink there."

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Moreno also mentions later in the same interview that he hopes Crosses will play some shows in either spring or summer 2023.

"Yeah, we don't have a specific timeframe but we're hoping by late spring, summer [of 2023] for sure, to be out there," he said. "I think we're just trying to figure out the logistics of all of it. What the live performance is going to look like, who's going to be involved, what it would be. But we definitely want to play some of these songs live. These songs lend themselves to a lot of experimentation live. We're excited to see what that looks like."

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