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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CRETIN, JUCIFER and More Out Today – 12/9

This week's edition features a guy from Rammstein, half of a long-running death metal band, one really cool band, and a bunch of shit that wasn't promoted well at all. To the metals…

Centinex – Redeeming Filth81uZwCJfBSL._SL1200_

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Avesta, Sweden
Label: Agonia

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A long-running death metal band back at it with only the rhythm section remaining. New guitarist and vocals may lose some fans, but it's on par with their older material.


Cretin – Stranger 61PKQJSgPXL

Genre: Death metal
Origin: San Jose, California
Label: Relapse

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This band is absolute chaos. I can't think of any other bands that write a death metal song from the point of view of a school janitor. A really interesting death metal release infused with grindcore, punk, and thrash.


Emigrate – Silent So Long 81m08hkpWwL._SL1400_

Genre: Industrial
Origin: Germany/New York
Label: Spinefarm

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From the brain of Rammstein's git-fiddlist Richard Z. Kruspe, I give you Emigrate's second album. Those seeking the driving industrial groove of Rammstein should probably look elsewhere. This album is still just as groove-based, but not as heavy. More on the rock side, I suppose. Features a rather odd group of guests like Lemmy, Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis, and Peaches to break up what otherwise might be a tad monotonous.  


Jucifer – District of Dystopia PromoImage55

Genre: Sludge
Origin: Athens, Georgia
Label: Nomadic Fortress

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Noisy and fuzzy is what Jucifer does, and this is certainly Jucifer being Jucifer. Less doom/sludge than normal though. The duo are taking more of a crust/punk angle here. Technically dropped on Friday, but whatever.

Sample the whole thing on Bandcamp


Witherscape – The New Tomorrow EP 635503394112935582

Genre: Progressive
Origin: Sweden
Label: Century Media

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The full album was epic, progressive, dark and all over the place. This EP continues the feel of the full-length, but with less original material to journey across. It also features covers of KissJudas Priest and Warrior. Couldn't find much beyond the press release sadly, but I'm looking forward to hearing the new tunes and the Priest cover.


Also dropping today…

Autere – Amal'l (Inverse)
Bailey – Long Way Down (Frontiers)
The Banner – Greying (Good Fight)
Bloodlash – Drowning Amidst The Nebulae EP (Inverse)
Bones – Awaiting Rebirth EP (Blood Harvest)
Crepuscolo – Revolution Evilution (HPGD)
Crossed Fire – Life's A Gamble (Hellxis)
Cruachan – Blood For The Blood God (Trollzorn)
Decimination – Reign Of Ungodly Creation (Comatose)
Drap – En Naturlig Dod (Xtreem)
Execration – Morbid Dimensions (Hells Headbangers)
Faithful Darkness – Archgod (Coroner)
Frowning – Funeral Impressions (Solitude)
Harem Scarem – Thirteen (Frontiers)
Kouzin Bedlam – Longing For The Incomplete (Inverse)
Mammoth Black – Death Is Not Ashamed (Stonerkill)
Mesmur – Mesmur (Code 666)
Nervochaos – The Art of Vengeance (Greyhaze)
Ram / Portrait – Under Command Split EP (Metal Blade)
Sarpedon – Anomic Nation (Inverse)
Season of Ghosts – The Human Paradox (Coroner)
Stormcast – Frame of Mind (Pitch Black)
Thaw – Earth Ground (Witching Hour)
To Be A King – Fear Not EP (Imminence)
Unsacred – False Light (Forcefield)
Varathron – Untrodden Corridors of Hades (Agonia)
Vision Of Disorder – Still 20th Anniversary Re-Release (Dignified Bastard)

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