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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases from WILDERUN, INFECTED RAIN, and More Out Today – 1/7

Plus releases from Seven Nines and Tens, Power Paladin, Nocturnal Graves, Carnation, and At The Movies

This week’s new heavy metal releases include a new year, but my same nonsense, catchy groove metal, soundtrack covers, live in-studio death metal, and more! To the metals…

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At The Movies – The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 2

Genre: Metal covers of 80's classics
Origin: Scandinavia
Label: Atomic Fire

Starting this year with a fun covers collection. This is the group's second volume of covers of iconic songs from soundtracks. This one includes Soilwork's Bjorn Strid, Linnéa Vikström formerly of both Therion and Kamelot's live bands, past and present folks from Pretty Maids, and more covering 90's tracks originally by Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Go West, and a bunch of other acts you know, but maybe don't know by name. Also, if you missed the first volume it was re-released today as well.

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Carnation – Galaxy Studio Sessions

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
Label: Season Of Mist

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Like a lot of bands Carnation did a live in-studio thing and this is that set. It is a nine song pummeling that is largely comprised of tracks from their 2020 album Where Death Lies. Not a lot of bells and whistles here. Just straight ahead death metal goodness.


Infected Rain – Ecdysis

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Genre: Groove metal/progressive metal
Origin: Chișinău, Moldova
Label: Napalm

Now for some synthy, groove metal. Infected Rain have been a consistent force in metal for about a decade and a half, and their fifth album seems poised to be the one that truly breaks them. The rhythms get your head bobbing, the melodies are super memorable, and it's hard to not be impressed by how dynamic this record is. Frank has a full chat with vocalist Lena Scissorshands about the new record (and lots of other stuff) here.


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Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaws Stand

Genre: Blackened death metal/thrash
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Label: Season Of Mist

On their fourth full-length Nocturnal Graves are bringing the darkness. This is a hard hitting, grim, thrashy record that should appeal to black metal and thrash fans both past and present. Jeff has a deep dive on the record here.

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Power Paladin – With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel

Genre: Power metal
Origin: Reykjavík, Iceland
Label: Atomic Fire

It's the craziest thing, guys. A band called Power Paladin is playing power metal that is influenced by fantasy. Honestly, this is a lot of fun. This debut is like if DragonForce watched Lord of the Rings movies rather than playing video games, but there are still plenty of keytars and shout outs to warriors though.

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Seven Nines And Tens – Over Opiated In A Forest Of Whispering Speakers

Genre: Progressive/post-metal
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Label: Willowtip

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Now, we're going to slow things down a bit. This outfit sounds like if Alice In Chains did their take on an O'Brother album. The vocal harmonies are haunting and the musicianship is both heavy and epic. Do not sleep on this one. Wow.


Wilderun – Epigone

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Genre: Progressive metal
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Label: Century Media

Wrapping what turned out to be a rather diverse first week back with some sweeping prog. The balance between beauty and heavy is just sublime here. Little doom, little black metal, little folky, and all around solid. Jordan's full review is here.


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Also dropping today…

  • Apes – Lullabies For Eternal Sleep EP (Translation Loss) – Black metal/grindcore
  • Bong Wizard – Vulgar Display of Flower (Self-released) – Doom/stoner
  • Carr Jam 21 – Can You Feel It EP (Self-released) – Hard rock/Kiss kovers
  • Chalf Portraits – Welcome Home (Self-released) – Ambient
  • Cruel Bomb – Man Made (self-released) – Thrash
  • Culak – Holy Tempest (Self-released) – Post-metal/black metal
  • Darkened – Mourn The Dying Light EP (Edged Circle) – Death metal
  • Deaf Club – Productive Disruption (Three One G) – Hardcore/punk
  • Ghost Creek – II (Self-released) – Funeral doom
  • Helleruin/De Gevreesde Ziekte – Invincible/Ω Split (Babylon Doom Cult) – Black metal
  • Kontact – First Contact EP (Self-released) – Heavy metal
  • Necrophagous – In Chaos Ascend (Transcending Obscurity) – Death metal
  • Needless – The Cosmic Cauldron (Uprising) – Thrash/black metal
  • Nihility – Beyond Human Concepts (Vicious Instinct) – Death metal
  • Oar – The Blood You Crave (Blighttown) – Post-black metal
  • Omhosten – Music Of The Great Beyond (Kvlt und Kaos) – Black metal
  • Punhalada – Sobrevivente (self-released) – Thrash
  • RGRSS – A World of Concern (Life After Death) – Death metal/grindcore
  • Riverwood – Shadows and Flames (self-released) – Progressive/folk metal
  • Sothorsis – Wpiekłowstąpienie (More Hate) – Black/death metal
  • Tygers Of Pan Tang – A New Heartbeat EP (Mighty Music) – Heavy metal
  • V/Haze Miasma – Nebula EP (Supreme Chaos) – Post-metal/progressive
  • Worship – Many Masters (Self-released) – Sludge/hardcore

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