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GOJIRA Frontman Talks Lyrical Themes Of Upcoming Album

I am so pumped for any new Gojira release that any news about it is worth reporting. We know the band is due to release an EP (with a track recently surfacing from that effort) and after that will do a proper full-length release in early 2012. Frontman Joe Duplantier recently spoke to Terrorizer magazine about the lyrical themes of the new record and whereas the previous releases all had an overarching theme as a whole, the lyrics have more spontaneity, with "stream of consciousness"-style "spiritual" compositions. Here is what Joe had to say:

"I've been about spirituality since the first album," he said. "It's hard to define what spirituality is, but it's more like getting closer to [oneself]. It's where each thing we do is sacred; not like going to a church or when you are with a dying person, but waking up in the morning… I've tried to take this dimension when I've written the music, like sometimes I don't even know what I'm going to sing and the words come out fluently. It's not a concept album like in the past, it's more about being spontaneous with feeling, and it's more true and honest."

Whatever you're selling Gojira, I will definitely be buying, so bring it on. All the band needs to do is finally decide on a label home (oh, and of course, record this sucker). Who else can't wait for new Gojira? [ via Blabbermouth ]

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