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GODSMACK's Next Album Might Be Their Last

"We're just gonna hit it one more time hard and heavy."


Groovy nü-metal stalwarts Godsmack, responsible for such hits as "I Stand Alone," "Cryin' Like A Bitch," and "Awake," might be hanging it up soon. According to frontman Sully Erna in an interview with 101.1 WJRR, Godsmack has written and recorded the follow-up to their 2018 record When Legends Rise. Erna noted that "we're just gonna hit it one more time hard and heavy" and that the new record may very well be their last.

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"The first thing to do is these shows. We have six of 'em to do, last night [being] one of 'em and tonight another one. We have four more to do over the next two weekends. And then it's pretty loose until October. Then we start 'touring touring' in Europe, we do South America, we [play] some international [shows]. We'll be back first quarter of '23 with a new record.

"The record's finished; we're done recording it. You should probably be hearing new music by summertime — mid to late summer — and then following it up with a second single and the full record by the top of '23. That's the plan. And then we're just gonna hit it one more time hard and heavy. And I've gotta tell you, this might be the last one for us — it might be the last record for us."

Of course the operative word here being "might." For all we know, Godsmack might do the album and ensuing tour, only to decide that maybe it isn't time to hang it up. Though really, Godsmack has been a band since 1995 and their output has slowed to a new record every four years. The guys in the band are also pushing their mid-50s, so calling it a day at this point doesn't feel too farfetched. Not to say they couldn't do Godsmack's music as older guys, but y'know – being in a band for nearly 30 years might get monotonous at some point.

Either way, a new Godsmack album is coming in 2023.

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